essex commissioners condemn hamas attacks, denounce anti-semitic and anti-arab hatred

(Newark, NJ)October 19, 2023 – On Wednesday evening, the Essex County Board of Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution condemning the Hamas attacks in Israel from the preceding weeks, supporting the defense of Israel, denouncing anti-Semitic and anti-Arab sentiments, and calling for a swift end to the Israel-Hamas conflict for the sake of the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

Commissioner Patricia Sebold, who introduced the resolution, added: “The chaos that is going on in this world is incredibly upsetting. I introduced this resolution to make clear our support for all those impacted by this violence, and to help bring our community together in calling for peace. It is so important that here in Essex County we all join our voices as one to say this sort of brutality and hatred have no place in a modern, compassionate society. Our hearts are with Israeli families who have seen this violence firsthand, especially those who remain kidnapped and are still suffering this very moment.”

“The recent brutal attack in Israel has brought worldwide attention to the ongoing historic conflict between Israel and Gaza. The vast majority of Israelis and Palestinians are simply ordinary people who wish to live with peace and dignity, which they are all entitled to equally,” said Commissioner President Wayne L. Richardson. “We are proud of our diversity in Essex County – Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists, and all sorts of beliefs working and living together productively. It has made us stronger and has helped democracy flourish. The conflict we are witnessing stands opposed to this harmony.”

The resolution reads: “The Board condemns in the strongest possible terms the senseless violence perpetrated by the extremist organization Hamas against civilians in Israel. […] The Board denounces all anti-Semitic and anti-Arab hate speech and violence, [and] supports a swift end to the Israel-Hamas conflict so Israeli and Palestinian communities can live and prosper peacefully.”

Read the full resolution here.

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