essex county board of county commissioners issues statement on guilty verdict in the trial of derek chauvin

The Essex County Board of County Commissioners

Pictured are (from left to right, front row) District 2 Commissioner President Wayne Richardson, Commissioner At-Large Romaine Graham, District 3 Commissioner Tyshammie L. Cooper, Commissioner At-Large Patricia Sebold, and Commissioner At-Large Brendan Gill. (From left to right, back row) District 5 Commissioner Vice President Carlos Pomares, District 4 Commissioner Leonard M. Luciano, Commissioner At-Large Rufus I. Johnson, and District 1 Commissioner Robert Mercado.

The Board of County Commissioners applauds the verdict rendered in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin. With this verdict, our legal system demonstrated that justice can be administered fairly and equally to all citizens, regardless of their racial or socio-economic background.

As our Board President Wayne Richardson stated, “Chauvin’s conviction is an indication that when the evidence of murder is overwhelming, a jury of one’s peers can and will do the right thing.”

Yesterday’s decision does not take away the pain and sorrow we felt, and still feel, as a result of George Floyd’s murder. However, it is our hope the verdict will start the healing process for Mr. Floyd’s family, strengthen our resolve to continue fighting for civil rights, and help us move forward as a nation that provides equal treatment under the law to all of our citizens.


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